Marine Surveys of Yachts and Power Boats

Sydney, Middle Harbour, Pittwater and Hawkesbury

Mid-North Coast, Laurieton, Port Macquarie and Port Stephens 

Ph 0418 133 756         naylor.ross@gmail.com

Most Most marine insurance companies will require a marine survey of your boat before issuing a policy. Ross can undertake the survey, which can then be submitted to the insurance company. 

Our Lidgard 36 Sofia

The Cost of Your Survey

The normal survey cost is $22 per foot. For example a 30 ft boat would cost 30X22 = $ 660 plus GST.


Alternatively, I am happy to work on an hourly rate of $120 per hour plus GST. If the boat is in good condition with not too many complications, this can be a cheaper option for you.  

In some cases, travelling expenses may be involved, but this is not normally the case if the survey is near Sydney or the mid-North coast ( I am based in both areas). 

Boat Suitability Checks 

If you are thinking of buying a boat, Ross can check it for its suitability for your intended purpose. This is not a survey but a check on its condition and suitability. This can save you a lot of money and can avoid the expense of a complete and thorough survey. This service is not expensive and is charged on an hourly rate. 

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